17:00 :: panel 1: Researching the Croatian Media Landscape

– session in Croatian with English interpretation

Milan Živković (Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia)
Nada Švob-Đokić (Institute for International Relations and Development)
Helena Popović (Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb)
Moderator: Janja Sesar

19:00 :: lecture:

Des Freedman (Goldsmiths, London): New Media, Old Contradictions – Power in a Changing Media Environment


11:00 :: panel 2: Economic Transformation of the Global Internet

Marisol Sandoval (City University of London)
Marcell Mars (Multimedia Institute, Zagreb)
Moderator: Tomislav Medak

13:00 :: panel 3: Control of the Infospace – Democratic Failures of Social Media

Sebastian Sevignani (University of Jena)
Rasmus Fleischer (researcher, Stockholm)
Moderator: Marcell Mars

17:00 :: panel 4: Reforming the Media

Des Freedman (Goldsmiths, London)
Mirjana Rakić (Croatian Council for Electronic Media)
Milan Žiković (Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia)
Moderator: Jelena Berković

19:00 :: lecture:

Leopoldina Fortunati (University of Udine): Labour and Technology: Two Open Questions for Feminism


11:00 :: panel 5: Transformations of Traditional Media

– session in Croatian with English interpretation

Rüdiger Rossig (independent journalist, Berlin)
Ladislav Tomičić (journalist and editor, Zagreb)
Vesna Kesić (independent journalist, Zagreb)
Moderator: Antonija Letinić

13:00 :: panel 6: The Future of Media Work

Leopoldina Fortunati (University of Udine)
Slavica Lukić (novinarka, Zagreb)
Brankica Petković (Peace Institute, Ljubljana)
Moderator: Mario Kikaš

17:00 :: panel 7: The Future of Research Journalism

Sebastian Mondial (data journalist, Hamburg)
Drago Hedl (independent journalist, Osijek)
Moderator: Boris Pavelić

19:00 :: lecture:

Robert McChesney (via Skype) (University of Illinois – Urbana): The Internet and Post-Capitalist Democracy